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MIO holds a prominent position in handling a variety of insurance disputes. Our comprehensive knowledge of the laws, decrees, and relevant regulations issued by official authorities of the State is a testament of over 25 years of experience working with major insurance companies in UAE.


Our reputation in this area of specialisation is the reason our clients entrust us to provide the most accurate advice in insurance relationships. MIO tackles highly sensitive issues, irrespective of the complexity, with precision that secures and safeguards our clients against any potential risks.


At MIO, we not only provide advice on all legal aspects within the industry to insurers and their customers, we also file litigation cases, for and against, insurance companies and the insured.

We have developed specialist sectors with our associates to cater to following expert areas:

  • Life credit risks
  • Professional liability
  • Product liability
  • Construction risls
  • Property & personal injury
  • Marine policies


Construction forms an integral part of the economy and development of most countries— the UAE is no exception. The number of construction projects has increased substantially in the Gulf region over the last decade. The UAE, in particular, has witnessed a phenomenal construction boom. Consequently, the focus on construction law in the UAE has experienced rapid growth, inevitably giving rise to a significant number of claims.


Disputes related to contracting issues are many and do not fall under one umbrella; such issues differ from the employer’s responsibility, project managers, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors. Therefore, it is essential to have a lawyer with extensive knowledge about the rights and obligations of its parties, as well as the experience in resolving such variety of issues.


MIO has expertise in all genres of contracting matters ranging from construction, exploitation of onshore and marine oil and gas fields’ equipment, to disputes related to computer networks and electronic systems.  Due to our long and successful history in resolving such disputes, MIO is the top choice for representation within the market.


Maintaining our role in line with the latest local and international legal contributions, and staying apprised of new mechanisms put in place by following the latest technology used by the experts in our field, allows us to provide a unique legal service.


As a leading legal firm in the construction sector, we have established many precedents with the Supreme Court. We have advised on some of the region’s landmark projects, acting for major stakeholders including investment banks, institutional developers, government, ministries, and contractors and consultants on regional, national and international levels.


Our services include:

  • Contract drafting
  • Legal advice
  • Dispute resolution
  • Drafting and reviewing construction and sub-contract agreements like FIDIC, EPC, BOT
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation advocacy
  • Settlement  negotiations
  • Dispute resolution through courts
  • Litigation, arbitration with various institutional arbitration forums: ICC, DIAC, ADCCAC
mio law firm_real_estate


One of the most successful business areas in the UAE is the Real Estate sector. MIO specialist property lawyers draw from established land law-related jurisdictions, propose solutions and draft documents, which are practical for the UAE environment and based on sound land law and real estate principles. As a full-service firm, we utilise our practical knowledge and experience to identify trends and errors for recommending suitable solutions.


Our expertise in this area of law allows us to provide up-to-date information on all real estate-related issues, legal opinions, drafting of mortgage financing agreements, issuing legal notices, and other auxiliary services.


Additionally, we have built strong relationships with sources in related authorities, who enable us to offer our clients with the most current requirements, as well as registration procedures, the regulations for purchased or existing premises and to conduct negotiations with the registrars about such registration.


Our Relations With Developers:


We are well connected with major real estate developers. Through the monitoring of financial dealings, we are able to assist developers by providing appropriate advice regarding their performance.


Additionally, we advise developers and investors regarding land and property ownership related issues within the UAE including freehold transactions, commonhold and mixed use schemes, long term leasing, Musataha, land development schemes, short-term tenancies, and legislative and regulatory issues.


Our services include:

  • Property Management
  • Analysing, drafting, reviewing and providing legal opinion on contracts and agreements concerning sale and purchase, land investments, acquisition and development, tenancies, leasehold (long and short term), freehold, end user, reservation, agency and mortgage financing.
  • Legislative and regulatory issues including providing current information regarding registration procedures, requirements and regulations for purchased or existing premises including conducting negotiations with registrars pertinent for such registration.
  • Property dispute resolution including court litigation and arbitration; for and against developers, tenants, and landlords.
  • Litigation cases include, without limitation; termination/expiry/renewal of tenancy contracts (residential and commercial), eviction, execution, claiming rental amounts, rental increases, maintenance, and preparation of legal notices.
  • Advises on disputes concerning tenancy contracts, registration of tenancy contracts with concerned official authorities and in compliance with UAE laws including current rules, regulations and orders of competent authorities.


Our experienced arbitration lawyers are conversant with all relevant provisions of the UAE laws concerning arbitration, as well as all international rules on conciliation and arbitration. We provide the right choices in an arbitration agreement, including tailored advice all the way from the contract drafting stage to dispute resolution.


As a leader in this field, we specialize in dispute resolution. We offer the most appropriate and accurate level of arbitration and alternative dispute resolution enabling our clients to avoid often lengthy and costly lawsuits.


We are also actively involved in the Compilation of UAE Arbitration Case Law with ICC UAE. Our practitioners are well-versed and experienced in both Civil and Common law jurisdictions and are able to conduct proceedings in both English and Arabic. They have extensive experience in all types of arbitration work including UNCITRAL arbitration, and arbitration before the following forums:

  • The Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC).
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC)
  • The DIFC – LCIA Arbitration Centre.
  • The International Court of Arbitration (ICC)
  • Ad hoc arbitration tribunals in UAE
  • UAE Court appointed arbitration tribunals

Our lawyers have worked on several arbitration cases including:

  • Joint venture disputes and corporate related issues
  • All kinds of real estate cases for developers and investors regarding land and property ownership issues in UAE including but not limited to freehold transactions, Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA), leasehold
  • Finance and all aspects of Islamic Finance Law
  • Infrastructure
  • Sale of goods disputes
  • Distributorship agreements, agency agreements, construction disputes arising from both employer-main contractor relationship, as well as, sub-contractor disputes
  • Disputes regarding sale, purchase and assignment of property
corporate commercial affairs-Dubai-AbuDhabi-UAE


MIO advises a wide range of clients on the intricacies of setting up business under various jurisdictions in the UAE, including Free Zone Areas. Furthermore, we advise on the legal ramifications of all peripheral issues involved in the process from the beginning to the issuance of the license.


Our comprehensive services include negotiating, drafting, reviewing, implementing and interpreting agreements encompassing areas such as distributorship, franchise, construction, and joint venture, to name only a few.


Establishments have enjoyed our involvement in restructuring their companies to ensure their rules, regulations, and internal procedures function in line with the Memorandum of Association and to assist management in this regard.


Furthermore, our firm remains apprised of the latest developments in laws concerning companies and apply due diligence to ensure companies are made aware and have an understanding regarding the implementation of such laws and amendments in relation to their business. This includes being active in restructuring the Memorandums of Association in light of the New UAE Federal Commercial Companies Law No. 2 of 2015.


MIO deals with various cases and police complaints against defaulted customers. Our extensive expertise in this field makes us reliable and trustworthy partners. We have a special department within the firm that handles cases and carries out investigations with the police and prosecutors.



We have extensive knowledge in the registration of trademarks for companies and/or individuals in order to prevent any third party from using and exploiting another’s successful trademark in the marketing of its products, thereby protecting the trademark’s real owner and preventing unauthorised use by a third party.

Upon examination by the Ministry of Economy and payment of registration fees, the owner will receive a Certificate of Ownership for the trademark. Registration will save the owner’s rights according to the UAE law, whereby the owner has right over the trademark to prevent or agree to a third party to use it according to his terms and conditions.


We have extensive knowledge of incorporating and registering all types of legal entities like Companies, Establishments, and Branches of foreign companies in the UAE. This includes all procedures pertaining to establishment of legal entities in the UAE like preparation of documents (Memorandums of Association, Power of Attorney, Side agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Shareholders’ Resolution, Board of Directors’ Resolutions, Local Service agent agreements) and obtaining all permissions, approvals, and required licenses that enable legal entities to exercise their activities within the UAE. We also have extensive knowledge in the dissolution of legal entities in collaboration with financial auditing offices.


We have an extensive knowledge of registering the intellectual property of companies and/or individuals who have authored and/or invent new things to prevent forgery, theft, or unauthorised copying. We register the intellectual property to be recorded with the Ministry of Economy under the name of its owner. The registration of IP protects one’s property from forgery and obtaining unauthorized copies of such IP without the owner’s written consent, saving them from exploitation by others.


Following examination by IP experts of the Ministry of Economy and payment of registration fees, the owner receives a Certificate of Ownership for the intellectual property. Registration will restrict the use of such IP without obtaining the owner’s written approval, protecting the owner’s rights according to the UAE law, whereby the owner has the right to prevent or agree to a third party’s use according to his terms and conditions.


We provide complete consultancy services to employers and employees on various legal aspects of the UAE Labour & Employment Laws. Additionally, we conduct seminars on UAE Labour Law inclusive of its amendments, rules, regulations, decisions, and orders.


MIO specialises in advising clients on the interplay of local labour laws, as well as the laws of the country from which employees are hired. The extent of our expertise includes employment contracts, remuneration, benefits and pensions, termination, resignation, duration of contracts, protection of intellectual property and confidentiality, employee disloyalty, and breach of restrictive covenants.


Review/analysis of Employee policies, code of conduct, and disciplinary rules.


Drafting/review of internal employment agreements, secondment, non-disclosure, and non-competition, recruitment, letters of offer and acceptance, official Ministry of Labour (MOL) contracts, letters of termination, and resignation.


Providing assistance before relevant labour authorities.


Conducting litigations cases in labour related matters before competent courts.


Being a multi-billion-dollar industry with a broad group of businesses and service providers requires a firm like MIO, with an experienced team of lawyers capable of catering to the needs of all relevant stakeholders—operators, owners, developers, banks and financial institutions, or investors. In addition to providing legal consultation services in multi-faceted disciplines, our litigation team is actively involved in court cases to safeguard the interest of our clients in the industry, ensuring access to the very best legal counsels.


Our services cater to local and international hotels, restaurants, clubs, marinas and yacht clubs, apartments, and spas. We deal, draft, and furnish our professional legal advice concerning Hotel Management, Technical Services, Pre-Opening Services, Franchise, Accommodation and Lease, Concessionaire, Hotel Reservation and Travel, FIFA World Cup Agreements with Hotels, Trademark Licenses, Intellectual Property protection, Sale and Purchase, Hotel Acquisition and Disposal, Due diligences and Development and Operation of Restaurants.


The interpretation of inheritance laws and how they are applied by the UAE courts is a matter that concerns many UAE expatriates. Therefore, we are pleased to extend our scope of services to include the drafting of Wills for Non-Muslims, which are notarised in Dubai. With this in mind, we provide assistance in the attestation of such documents with a competent Notary Public. Judicial precedents have indicated that such Wills for Non-Muslims can be implemented in the court of law, situated in any Emirate of the UAE, at the court’s discretion.

Our lawyers are on your side. Let us help you fight your legal battles with clarity and honesty.