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One of the most successful business areas in the UAE is the Real Estate sector. MIO specialist property lawyers draw from established land law-related jurisdictions, propose solutions and draft documents, which are practical for the UAE environment and based on sound land law and real estate principles. As a full-service firm, we utilise our practical knowledge and experience to identify trends and errors for recommending suitable solutions.


Our expertise in this area of law allows us to provide up-to-date information on all real estate-related issues, legal opinions, drafting of mortgage financing agreements, issuing legal notices, and other auxiliary services.


Additionally, we have built strong relationships with sources in related authorities, who enable us to offer our clients with the most current requirements, as well as registration procedures, the regulations for purchased or existing premises and to conduct negotiations with the registrars about such registration.

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Our Relations With Developers:


We are well connected with major real estate developers. Through the monitoring of financial dealings, we are able to assist developers by providing appropriate advice regarding their performance.

Additionally, we advise developers and investors regarding land and property ownership related issues within the UAE including freehold transactions, commonhold and mixed use schemes, long term leasing, Musataha, land development schemes, short-term tenancies, and legislative and regulatory issues.



Our services include:


• Property Management
• Analysing, drafting, reviewing and providing legal opinion on contracts and agreements concerning sale and purchase, land investments, acquisition and development, tenancies, leasehold (long and short term), freehold, end user, reservation, agency and mortgage financing.
• Legislative and regulatory issues including providing current information regarding registration procedures, requirements and regulations for purchased or existing premises including conducting negotiations with registrars pertinent for such registration.
• Property dispute resolution including court litigation and arbitration; for and against developers, tenants, and landlords.
• Litigation cases include, without limitation; termination/expiry/renewal of tenancy contracts (residential and commercial), eviction, execution, claiming rental amounts, rental increases, maintenance, and preparation of legal notices.
• Advises on disputes concerning tenancy contracts, registration of tenancy contracts with concerned official authorities and in compliance with UAE laws including current rules, regulations and orders of competent authorities.

Our lawyers are on your side. Let us help you fight your legal battles with clarity and honesty.