Defamation In UAE

It might seem like an innocent joke or an off-the-cuff quip, but an insult is an insult. If you insult someone in the UAE you may find yourself in very hot water. The following info is related to defamation laws within the UAE.

There are regular cases where insults either verbal or written have caused people of all nationalities to be brought before the courts. It doesn't matter if the insult is via a social media channel, email, text message or written letter, should the offended party wish to press charges then you may be liable to heavy fines and/or even jail time.

If you insult someone in the UAE through online media then you are liable to be prosecuted in accordance with the UAE cybercrime laws. Insults, obscene gestures and other offensive mannerisms are taken very seriously in the UAE, even if directed to someone you know or a friend. 

Should insults be directed to government or public officials then penalties and sentences will be even heavier, often resulting in a fine, jail time and should you not be an Emirati, deportation after the completion of the sentence and payment of the fine.

This MIO explainer video will give you all the information that you need to know about what constitutes and insult, where you can be accused of insulting someone, the penalties and sentences attached if you insult someone in the UAE. 

The MIO video series is designed to give you all of the legal information about specific laws and legislation in simple, plain and easy to understand terms, so that you know exactly what the right side of the law is. Simply watch the video below and if you have any further questions or require more information, contact us for a consultation.