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  • Cybercrime
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“Safeguarding your Financial Interests through the Civil & Criminal Courts.”
The UAE has grown rapidly over the past two decades and is now an internationally recognized centre for trade and commerce. Simultaneously, it has attracted a large, majorly well-educated expatriate population. An important reason for the country’s rapid growth, and attractiveness to expatriates, is its rule of law and effective justice system.

Individuals and companies prefer to work and do business in the UAE because they are secure in the knowledge that if they are the victims of any financial crimes, they can approach the police and the courts to get justice for the wrong that has been committed against them. Similarly, there is faith that if one is accused of a financial crime, due process will be followed.

Being involved in a financial crime, be it the victim or the accused, can prove challenging and overwhelming. Due to such, it is essential to retain the services of a law firm that champions a sound understanding of the laws and regulations of the UAE, combined with a well-versed theoretical foundation with expertise regarding the inner workings of the police and the courts. Having prevailed in the UAE for over three decades, our team has more than a century’s worth of combined experience practicing before the courts.

Our lawyers and legal consultants have been engaged as counsels in all kinds of financial crimes, from bounced cheques to money laundering ensuring a confidence in our clients to be a law firm of obvious choice.

We have represented defendants and claimants in various financial crimes cases, in both criminal and civil proceedings. Our track-record in handling cases of financial crime is a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our work. We are here to help our clients navigate their way through the UAE justice system and beyond.

Financial claims can arise in many forms, the most perennial cause, being breach of contract. Claims pertaining to such can range from the minor and straightforward to the large and complex.

Some of our most common services related to financial claims include:

  • Legal Notices/ Letters of Demand: Issuing a legal notice or letter of demand for outstanding debt claims, or for any other legal purpose is a standard practice in the UAE. MIO has an extensive database of such notices, accumulating a comprehensive understanding of the entire process of drafting and issuing such notices to exacting detail. A legal notice is a cost-effective, potentially time-saving way to resolve financial claims without proceeding to litigation.
  • Settlement Negotiations: As litigators, we are pertinently effective at settlement negotiations. We are known for our outstanding deliverance of not limited to civil negotiations but ensure that we are effective all the same should matters proceed to level of requiring court attendance. At MIO, we are cognisant of the importance of timely and cost-effective settlements to our clients. We also understand how difficult and damaging baseless financial claims can be when such claims are made against our clients. Hence, our senior consultants are always ready to provide settlement negotiation services on behalf of our clients as and when required.
  • Filing and Defending Civil/ Commercial Claims: With our decades of experience in the litigation field, filing civil cases is one of our primary areas of expertise. We have an extremely high success rate in such cases. Our clients can rest assured that their cases are being handled by an expert team that will do their utmost to ensure that their cases will be resolved in their best favour.

Real Estate has been an anchor to the economic sector for the UAE over the past two decades, particularly in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah. Its success with local and international investors has been critical in the UAE’s drive to mature its infrastructure and evolve its economy.

As a full-service law firm, our specialist property lawyers draw from established real estate laws and precedents in proposing legal solutions that are practical for the UAE commercial environment. As leading lawyers for real estate developers and investors, our capabilities combine an in-depth knowledge of UAE courts, land departments, real estate laws together with technical expertise and best practices. Our team includes bilingual lawyers fluent in Arabic and English who are well apt in navigating our clients through all their real estate requirements.

Additionally, we have built strong, enduring relationships with related authorities. These relationships enable us to offer our clients insights into the implications of current requirements, together with registration procedures and the regulations governing purchased or existing premises.

Our clients range from public and private developers, investors, financial institutions, landlords and tenants to government bodies, and we regularly advise across a range of legislative and regulatory matters.


  • Analysing, drafting, reviewing, and providing legal opinions on contracts and agreements concerning sale and purchase, land investments, acquisition and development, tenancies, leasehold (long and short-term), freehold, end user, reservation, agency, and mortgage financing.
  • Legislative and regulatory issues including providing current information regarding registration procedures, requirements, and regulations for purchased or existing premises including conducting negotiations with registrars pertinent for such registration.
  • Property dispute resolution including court litigation and arbitration for or against developers. This includes representation with land departments and before all stages of the different court systems in the UAE.
  • Advising on land and property ownership-related issues within the UAE including freehold transactions, commonhold and mixed-use schemes, long-term leasing, Musataha, land development schemes, short term tenancies, and legislative and regulatory issues.

“Enforcing our Client’s Interests from All Cybercrimes.”

A significant number of UAE residents may not be aware how stringent the UAE’s cybercrime laws are or rather, how aggressively they are enforced. The UAE is a diverse country, with nearly ninety percent of the population constituting expatriates. Therefore, internet use is pervasive. As in most other countries, the internet is utilized to stay in touch with friends and family, post photos, and to express political and cultural views, to name just a few. Most people do not intend any harm by what they post or say online. However, for example, many foreigners do not realize that some actions which may be acceptable in their home countries are illegal in the UAE.

UAE laws in general, and the Cybercrime Law in particular, take the right to privacy and dignity very seriously. The UAE authorities routinely monitor social media and people’s online behaviour and take a proactive approach to dealing with cyber offenses. Any one of the cybercrimes carry with it a hefty fines and long sentence of imprisonment.

As one of the UAE’s leading law firms, we have been recognized by the courts and our peers for the quality of our litigation practice. Moreover, we are well-versed in the technicalities of the UAE Cybercrime Law and keep ourselves abreast of any legislative changes.

Whether accused of a cybercrime or the victim of one, we have a specialized team that works with the police and public prosecution as a matter of routine. MIO can represent you before the police, the public prosecution, and the courts.

Accordingly, given the gravity with which UAE law considers cybercrimes and the associated criminal and civil consequences, it is vital to utilize the services of a law firm that has a thorough and broad knowledge of the practical workings of the UAE Courts, judicial authorities, and interacts with both on a regular basis.