Rental Increases for Dubai Tenancy Agreements

Dubai's leasing market and relative disputes between landlords and tenants are respectively governed and adjudicated by the Rental Disputes Settlement Center "RDSC. Among other things, the RDSC is charged with ensuring fair and equitable rental prices in suits where the rental period does not exceed ten years, by considering the following factors in Dubai

  • The general economic situation
  • The condition of the real estate
    The standard rental prevailing in the similar real estate market in
  • the same region
  • Provisions of legislations applicable to the region

As per Article 9(1) of Dubai Law No. 26 of 2007, the landlord and tenant may jointly specify the rental value in the lease agreement, however, in the absence of the same the standard rent in the area shall apply. It is to be noted, that upon renewal of the rental contract, the landlord shall not have free reign to increase the rent. The Dubai Rental Law has set restrictions through the RDSC to curb rental inflations by setting a preset index to monitor rental inflations. This Dubai Rental Index is available on the following link:

The tenant may also be evicted after the term of the tenancy agreement has ended, provided a twelve months' notice is given before the date of eviction. As per Article 25 of the Dubai Law, the grounds for eviction after the term has ended, include: