Termination and Eviction for Dubai Tenancy Agreements

As per Dubai Law No. 26 of 2007. there are typically limited grounds available to the landlord and tenant surrounding the termination of a tenancy agreement prior to the expiry of the term.

The agreement itself may not be terminated prior to the end of the tenancy period, unless both the landlord and tenant agree otherwise. Moreover, the landlord faces further restrictions and limitations in terminating the agreement even where its term has expired.

Before the Expiry of the Tenancy Agreement:

Under Article 25 of Dubai Law, there are limited grounds for the landlord to evict the tenant prior to the expiry of the tenancy agreement. The stipulated circumstances include:

The tenant mav also be evicted after the term of the tenancy agreement has ended, provided a twelve months' notice is given before the date of eviction. As per Article 25 of the Dubai Law. the arounds for eviction after the term has ended, include:

  • Demolition of the real estate by the landlord to either construct the same or make additions.
  • Necessary renovation or comprehensive maintenance of the real estate which may not be possible while the tenant is occupying the premises.
  • Personal use of the real estate by the landlord or his first-degree relative.
  • Sale of the leased real estate by the landlord.

As evident from above there exist multiple circumstances under the law where a tenancy agreement can be terminated

Hence. it is imperative to maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship. be vigilant about the duration of the lease and ensure the tenancy agreement encompasses all the standard terms and conditions for an amicable tenancy.