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Child Custody and Relocation
A breakdown of a marriage is always a sensitive matter. It is even more difficult if children are involved. In this article we highlight the rules...
How Does Divorce For Non-Muslims Work?
Over 80% of the UAE population comprise of expats, many of whom are non-Muslims. But divorce for non-Muslims cases in the UAE are generally govern...
Defamation In UAE
It might seem like an innocent joke or an off-the-cuff quip, but an insult is an insult. If you insult someone in the UAE you may find yourself in very hot water. The following info is related to defamation laws within the UAE.
Bounced Cheques In UAE
Bounced cheques are still a very common challenged faced by individuals and companies in the UAE. With electronic transfer payments having been introduced in the country only in recent years, one of the more traditional banking activities still being followed by corporations and individuals in UAE is the practice of issuing cheques.
How To File A Police Complaint Against A Bounced Cheque In Dubai
There are two methods in which a person can file a police complaint for a bounced cheque in Dubai. The first method involves directly visiting a police station and the second method includes filing the police complaint online. Let’s explore the two options below.