Al Ameer Ghanem

Senior Associate



Al-Ameer Ghanem, an attorney at MIO Law Firm, brings forth a wealth of experience spanning 14 years in the legal realm. He graduated from Ain Shams University in Cairo and is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association. Commencing his career in the firm's litigation department, he swiftly ascended to the role of Senior Legal Consultant.


His extensive expertise traverses diverse legal realms within the UAE, particularly in criminal and commercial litigation. Ghanem adeptly navigates complex criminal cases, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of legal intricacies within this domain. Additionally, he exhibits a seasoned proficiency in commercial law, deftly handling intricate aspects of corporate litigation and commercial disputes. Beyond these areas, Al Ameer’s adeptness extends to civil law, encompassing compensation, and insurance matters.


Al-Ameer Ghanem has extensively studied Islamic jurisprudence, fostering a deep understanding that contributes to his exceptional performance in family law cases. His meticulous study of Islamic jurisprudence has equipped him with insights into family law intricacies. Furthermore, he has delved into the study of personal status laws across various countries, enhancing his ability to adeptly handle diverse family cases, including inheritances, wills, and other related matters. This comprehensive understanding allows him to skillfully navigate family-related issues with proficiency and cultural sensitivity, ensuring effective resolution for his clients.


Personal Status
Inheritance and Wills


Bachelor’s in law from Ain Shams University – 2019 Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the Modern Academy Maadi – 2005


English & Arabic